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Maraihi's Playpen

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Maraich (ユスチヌフ Yusuchinufu/Juschenfe, possibly his last name) is from the series Patalliro! by Mineo Maya. He has a hot temper; especially when Bancoran is cheating. He and Bancoran often get into fights and make up.
Anything can happen in Patalliro!. There's time travel, random meeting with demons, robots, aliens, and anything else that Mineo Maya could come up with. There's even appearances from characters outside the series (for example, Snoopy often appears in panels, and Rashanu has a conversation with Patalliro. If he could use characters from other people's series without getting sued, I'm sure it probably would have happened).
There's also alternate universe stories that have nothing to do with the main storyline (newer example: Patalliro Saiyuki). Even the main storyline doesn't always seem to have anything to do with the main storyline.
This makes Maraich and extremely flexible character. There's probably very little that wouldn't fit into the series.
Maraich has a short fuse. He might ask nicely the first time, be curt the second time, and start yelling the third time he has to ask (depending on what it's about). A great example of this is in the third manga when Bancoran is leaving and Patalliro leans against Maraich and mocks him.
M: Ban...
P: Ban...
M: Please cut it out for a bit.
P: Meow~
M: I said knock it off.
P: Meow meow~
P: Nyaaaa~h!!!

Maraich has a weakness for gems, especially diamonds, and for fur coats. Although it's hard to show it in English, in Japanese he uses boy-ish or manly words to talk even though he's feminine.
He doesn't like being thought of as a girl (although he's gotten used to ignoring it on DDD, and will take advantage of it if he can). He doesn't believe being beautiful detracts from his manliness.
He probably gets angrier in the series than he does in RP. That's usually because less people go out of their way to provoke him.

Scanlations of Patalliro can be found here: Onadoru Euphoria.
This journal owned by emeryl. cock_robin_ondo is a Patalliro community I run.
Shiratama Hime is a Patalliro doujinshi series drawn by Kanon Maki.